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A bit about what we can do and why we do it...


Families, children, maternity and newborns

This is probably one of my favourite sessions to photograph. I think this is because when I became a mom, it really cemented my love of photography in that I have over 10 000 pictures of my son. 

When I get to photograph a family and their unique dynamics, it is nothing short of amazing.

Children photography really warms your heart. Watching siblings interact, or a shy toddler unfold before the camera is absolutely the best feeling in the world. Lets not forget capturing all the details of a new baby or the love of a first time parent. 

Seeing the families reaction when they see themselves is priceless.

Couples, engagements and weddings

First loves, second loves, new love, old love. Love is pure and gratifying to photograph.

The excitement of being in a new relationship. The celebration of becoming Mr and Mrs. The blessing of being together for 60 years.

These types of emotions are what photography is all about. I am honoured to be able to capture this.

Products and food

When you look at a mouth watering burger, dripping with cheese and sauce on a menu, or the picture of a perfume bottle on a sandy beach brings memories of holidays and entices you buy it, it was someones job to make that product look good enough to make you spend your money.

They many aspects of photography is very diverse and absolutely addicting.